Jasper to Clearwater

Today, we drove from Jasper to Clearwater, totally around 320km, so there are still 480km to go until we reach Vancouver.

We started our day with sightseeing in Jasper and made some beautiful photos from Lake Patrizia and Pyramid, walked through the town and then up to the Old Fort Point, which is a nice lookout where you can see very far in every direction.

After that, we drove along the Yellowhead Highway 16 and 5 and along these routes, there is almost no civilization. A gas station all 60km - 90km and that is pretty much all of it :)

Just after Jasper, a blackbear crossed the street directly before us, but I was too slow to make a good picture, unfortunatly. Later on the same street, we walked a few meters into the woods to see the Overlander Falls.

At the afternoon, on the Yellowhead Highway 5, we went on a River Safari and saw two other bears. But it was a bit too far away for my tiny little compact cam so the photos aren't very good. However, I have some nice videos :) You can download a short one here: http://blog.worldempire.ch/sites/default/files/MVI_0747.MOV

We are now in little hotel in Clearwater, a small town with ~5000 residents, but still no cellphone signal so I can't receive or send any text messages. But the hote does have free internet and a pool.