Calm day in Banff

We stayed for a full day in Banff to rest a bit before we go back to Calgary where we will return our car and the competition starts. We have tickes for the opening ceremony, wohooo! :). Still looking for tickets to the closing cerenomy, though...

Apart from taking the Banff Gondola to the Sulphur mountain, a bit shopping and taking a bath in our hotel, we haven't done much, but it was really nice to relax a bit after these busy days we had so far.

From Revelstoke back to Banff

Yesterday, we drove from Kevelstroke back to Banff, our last stop before Calgary. We went through the Glacier & Yoho National Parks and enjoyed two great waterfalls and another lake. We even had to walk 2.4km to one of these falls (and back, of course).

Sightseeing in Banff

Today, we went sightseeing in Banff, where we visited the Lake Minnewaka, the Bow Falls, Hoodoos and the lower Bankhead, ruins of an old coal-mine. Banff is a really nice little town and the mountains and lakes here are really impressive. And I'm saying that as a swiss guy :) Just have a look at the images...

Right now, we are in our hotel room at the "Inns of Banff" and we will take a short bath in the swimming pool soon.

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