From Revelstoke back to Banff

Yesterday, we drove from Kevelstroke back to Banff, our last stop before Calgary. We went through the Glacier & Yoho National Parks and enjoyed two great waterfalls and another lake. We even had to walk 2.4km to one of these falls (and back, of course).

Vancouver to Revelstoke

I hadn't time to write a blog post yesterday, as we traveled the whole day. We choose a different route back to Merrit, so that we could visit Whistler too. It was a very hot day, whith temperatures up to 36° at some places. For a distance of approx 50 kilometres, a whole valley was full of smoke, probably due to a wildfire near, but we haven't actually seen any fire.

Arriving in Merrit, we had a nice barbecue and a short trip to the local pubs.

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